2018 Call for Entries

With a look to the future of Independent Film, the Cutting Edge Film Festival has officially opened its call for entries for feature length and short length films of all genres.

Our festival is looking for the highest caliber of films that audiences can’t, and won’t forget, films created on the cutting edge of imagination, vision, and excitement while incorporating the best filmmaking into the art of the story.

For our 2018 festival, we shall be accepting all films of all lengths and genres including Documentary, Experimental, Religious/Spiritual, Animation, Comedy, Horror, with Horror sub-genres that include Supernatural, Thrillers, Wicken, Magical, Slashers, Science Fiction, Suspense, Horror Documentary, Horror Animation and all genres of Music Videos and LGBT films for the 2018 festival.

The Cutting Edge Film Festival sees film as an art form that has the power to bridge cultures and illuminate the universality of the human experience. Our festival seeks to enrich, to educate, and to entertain the world through the medium of film, and to unveil each filmmaker’s unique vision as a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and passion.

Our festival is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization which endeavors to promote the best filmmakers and their films to an ever-growing worldwide audience as a powerful medium that inspires creativity, encourages introspection, and compels the exploration of the senses, and expands the imagination.

The Cutting Edge Film Festival brings all the new technologies to bear and offers an event for the next step in film festival evolution.  Now in the new millennium of filmmaking, our festival takes a leap forward and pierces the veil between the worldwide film audience and independent films with a cutting-edge virtual theater that crumbles the boundaries that have in the past limited those who could partake in each filmmaker’s vision captured on film.

Much like with the digital technology that has swept independent film festivals throughout the world since the early 2000s, for many reasons the virtual theater is quickly becoming the first, best choice for festivals, and the new home of Independent film screening worldwide.

The virtual theater is the future of film festivals, as more and more festivals are now screening films online, and even the big festivals such as the Sundance Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival are moving to online screenings.

Festivals are making the leap to cyber screenings because of many reasons, including that it allows for so much more exposure for the films.  It is expected that just like the extinction of the 35mm projectors that were replaced with digital, one day in the not too distant future all film festivals will screen almost exclusively online, with only a few live presentations, if any.

Unlike most other Film Festivals, ours is different because it offers a unique method of viewing films in an online film festival that is totally secure and safe for a filmmaker’s project, and even those that provide online festivals cannot duplicate the safety and security that our virtual theater offers.

Very different from other festivals streaming films online, films in this festival cannot be downloaded, the films HAVE NO EMBEDDING CODE and our HTML code if copied and pasted, the films will not play, therefore they CANNOT be placed on other websites.

The only time and place they can be viewed is in our festival. In short, we have gone to great lengths to set this system up to protect the safety and security of each filmmaker’s film always keeping the filmmaker in mind. Basically, it is just as secure as a brick and mortar theater screening, only much better.

The virtual theater system and screening platform is completely secure and can be viewed from any computer, and mobile device.

The Cutting Edge Film Festival is opening the doors and tearing down the walls between independent films, and the audiences who love them so much, allowing the world to share in their power and passion.

Cutting Edge Film Festival awards outstanding filmmakers and their work with Best of Genre Awards, along with an Audience Choice Award.

Film Selections Will be Announced October 6th, 2018

Our festival will take place October 18th, 2018, through October 27th, 2018