2015 Cutting Edge Film Festival Selections


Narrative ShortDocumentary FeatureExperimental
1-0At LastApproaches to Erg
MousseEl Gringo SchindlerBrunch: The Movie
Phone Sex GrandmaEnvelhescanciaGhent in Motion
Requiem For My FatherHereticLicht
SamarkandeMagic Messengers {Mensageiros Da Magia}Light Study
Sprint To The PastTMove!
The EveTel Aviv: Story Of A CityOcean
The HeatThe Pagan PathOnly Make Believe
The Man Who Fed His ShadowThe Rock-MonoloqueSixty In 60 {Sesenta En 60}
The Night In The ElevatorUncle Tony, Three Fools And The Secret ServiceSlope Park
The ReturnSpin
The Right Person For The JobComedyStill at Large
VanishingA Few Days With YouThe Emotional Dimensions of the James River
CharismaThe Orchard
Narrative FeatureLatiner
Pagdi The Honour (Turban The Honour)LifeReligious/Spiritual
PechorinStyA Lost Heaven
The CartWDaughter Of The King
The Orange DogSermon on the Mount {El Sermón de la Montaña}
The Shattered MindHorrorEscapes
NostalgiaMkuru’s Church
Documentary ShortThe Guest
All in Her StrideTuck Me InLGBT
Gruesome SoapAnimationChance
Living In The Belly Of The BearDaewitChild's Play
Missions In The Wilderness: Milk And Honey CambodiaKiteMiniatures
My Roots Lie HereLittle DreamsProxy
The Discussion IITick TockTechnical Difficulties of Intimacy
The HermitThanatopraxy
The Missing PieceWhen Does Love Begin?
The Trip
TitsMusic Video
Can't Give Up On You
How Could I Have Been So Wrong?
Lilla Van Jag Vill Bo I En Husvagn