2016 Film Nominations

Narrative ShortAnimation
DeliciousAnother Day in Paradise
Miss Eleonoora and the Bottom of the BottleDecision
The GardenerDimensions
Uncanny Valley
Narrative FeatureB R E A T H L E S S
AffectionRomance in Factory
I Went France,CannesTea For Three
The UnnamedThe Calling
The Copyist
Documentary ShortThe King and the Crown
…not all was done and dusted – How homeopathy came to Armenia
Alegria - A Humanitarian ExpeditionReligious/Spiritual
LADDER in the LION'S DENCuckold Picasso
Memories of WarsawJewish Blind Date
Sierra Leone From War to PeaceMercy
The March for Freedom '1963'Tuned In
Documentary FeatureLGBT
April Zero OneHate Crime
Inte Helt 100Monday's Child
Mary Boyle: The Untold StoryRaw Footage
Return to a Foreign LandTreading Yesterday
Time for Fun Together - The Delusion of Harry PartchWhen Edith's Bells Toll
ComedyMusic Video
"Ahavot" Be'Kitsur (Short "Love")5476 Miles
Bank Robber's SerenadeNightmares Come True (Nothing to Hide)
Dirty WorkProclamation
In the Daze of ThingsRecognition
Main Course DivorceSisters
Horror Short
Chateau Sauvignon: terroir
Dinner is Served
It's a Boy
The Light Thief