2017 Cutting Edge Film Festival Selections

Screening Schedule

Narrative ShortHorror
AbandonDaughter of the Lake
ArcadiaPrairie Dog
Dream a Little Dream of MeRotten Love
Dress RehearsalThe Dark Hunger
FingerprintsThe Eve
FirdawsThe Inevitable
Gullak (The Piggy Bank)Vessel
Heavy Rain
Oak BonesAfter Meteor's Trail
One SecondCobalt
Phantom BodyColors
PoleDon't f With Me
Shanivaar Ko Do BajeThe Bate
SkyTribe Chronicle
Tales from Shaolin: Pt One Shakey DogExperimental Short
The Desert Left Behind#MEAT
The Hourglass (Das Stundenglas)2084
The SwallowsAnonymous
TiffClonal Renderings 2
Top ShelfClonal Renderings 3: Landscape with Clouds
What Remains of YouDoktor
Whitney's WeddingFollow Me
Fried Barry
Narrative FeatureIsle of the Invisible
2 GirlsLike Rain
Into a Dark MindNation Down
JeerJimbeObject Love
Documentary ShortSaccharose
Drop of Blood. Kropla KrwiSubluna
Go SouthThe Nurses of Blackchapel
Life in CirclesUpper Austria - An Incredible Journey
Queens of the Roleo
Experimental Feature
Documentary FeatureSecrets, Dreams, Faith and Wonder: A Visual Music Film by Stephen T. Pope and Friends
10.04.10 - With My Own Eyes
Silk City Falls
25 TracksTransmania
Essence of Healing: The Journey of American Indian Nurses
Hoda's StoryReligious/Spiritual
In The Shade Of The Apple TreeInspirit
Reza Abdoh, Theatre VisionaryMETTA VIA
The Demolition of Truth - Psychologists Examine 9/11The Great Destiny
American Visa DreamAfter Orlando, Getting Its Pulse Back
Never BetterIridescence
Stanley A Man Of VarietyLate Bloom
TextureOut Here in Kansas
Unleavened Bread
Music Video
#Taplife - Eyes
Don't Try to Change My Mind
Love Will Triumph
My Love is a Light Attire
Only Wanna Party