About Us

The Cutting Edge Film Festival

Our festival is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization which endeavors to promote the best filmmakers and their films to an ever-growing worldwide audience as a powerful medium that inspires creativity, encourages introspection, and compels the exploration of the senses, and expands the imagination.

Our festival uses the monies raised from film submission fees to promote and expand the world of Independent Filmmaking as an ever increasing endeavor.

Our Mission:

To support bold, visionary filmmakers while advancing the art form of film with remarkable cinematic technologies and experiences.

About Us

We are committed to discovering the best filmmaking talent, and strive to achieve our mission by encouraging filmmakers and helping to transform their dreams into reality through presentation and international recognition.

In addition to recognizing veterans of the filmmaking and writing industry, we assist aspiring filmmakers in realizing their dreams and reaching their goals.

The Cutting Edge Film Festival is internationally recognized as a premiere showcase for creative, inspiring, and influential films of all types including avant-garde and experimental, story-based narratives, documentaries, and animation.

Our unique film festival reaches new heights internationally for independent film festivals presenting our films in a way unlike any other film festival in the world. Viewing interactively online allows independent filmmakers and fans to take pleasure in the films worldwide on the go, from work and from the comfort of their own homes. In the technologically advanced world we live in, where communication and convenience MUST be at the tips of our fingers, we knew this was the next progressive step in film festivals.

Since debuting our fest online we have gained even more recognition among the film viewing public and filmmakers, not to mention production houses and distributors because they no longer have to travel to find the next film that will make Hollywood sit up and take notice. Currently, convenience is the name of the game, especially for the independent film industry.

The Cutting Edge Film Festival attracts the attention of industry searching for the best new independent writing and filmmaking talent. As a year-round organization, The Cutting Edge Film Festival serves as a showcase for the discovery of new and emerging talent.